An amazing 35% (51,533) of those served by the Foodbank are children.

At the core of the Foodbank's Children’s Health Initiative, Feed the Future is a series of sequential, innovative programs designed to foster nutritional independence and health in children from the preschool to high school graduation. 

We have the amazing opportunity to educate and empower our children to better look after their own nutritional health. These programs provide healthy food and produce after school and over the weekends (when food insecurity peaks), food literacy training, skills to make healthy food choices and gardening, cooking lessons, nutritious lunches all summer long (when school lunch programs close), family oriented health fairs, and physical activities while building a community around food. Foodbank Feed the Future Programs are: Food Literacy in Preschool, Kid's Farmers Market, Picnic in the Park, Teens Love Cooking and Healthy School Pantry. 

Kid’s Farmers Market and Healthy School Pantry have won national ‘Hunger’s Hope’ awards for the best children’s nutrition program of the year from Feeding America.  We are proud of this accomplishment and honored that these programs are being adopted by other food banks across the country.